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Thursday 24th February 2011                         Afternoon Chook Run                                 Field: 21 
Result Division Name H'cap Gross Nett
Winner            All                   Graham Davies                     14  41 27    
Runner Up All James Hall 11 40 29
N.T.P   1st All Kevin Donnelly
N.T.P   9th All Andrew Rogers
Thursday 24th February 2011                      Ladies Stroke Event                                        Field 16            
Result Division Name H'cap Gross Nett
Winner All                     Pauline Bishop                                  13         42       29(ocb)    
Runner Up All Marie Neilan 11 40 29
N.T.P   1st All Kate O'Neil
N.T.P   9th All Harriet Posner
Long Drive  4th All Stehanie King                             
Long Drive  5th                  All   Marie Neilan
Sunday 20th February 2011                             Stroke Event                                                Field:  20


Result Division Name H'cap Gross Nett
Winner                  A Grade               Gregory Smith                                 8   37 29
Runner Up A Grade Richard Chapman 9 41 32
Winner B Grade Darryl Gore 12 42 30 (ocb)
Runner Up B Grade Vicki Wall 13 43 30
N.T.P   1st All Gregory Smith
N.T.P   9th All Alan Corless
Saturday 19th February 2011                               Stroke Event                                          Feild 33


Result Division Name H'cap Gross Nett
Winner  A Grade        Robert Andrews              27 26     
Runner Up A Grade Graham O'Brien 9 38 29
Winner B Grade Briah Erihe 21 46 25
Runner Up B Grade Jacob Andrews 17 45 28
N.T.P   1st All Colin Hood  
N.T.P   2nd All Graham O'Brien
N.T.P   9th All Denver Everton
Long Drive   4th All Robert Newson
Long Drive   5th All Robert Andrews

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